The Bicycle Referendum in Munich

Process and Background

With the effect of the petition we began on March 28, 2019, the conditions for cycling in Munich should be massively improved: with the help of your signature, the bicycle will be given a fair share of our public space available for travel.

This petition requires around 33,000 signatures from eligible voters in Munich to force a referendum on bicycle infrastructure.  All Germans and other EU citizens who are at least 18 years old and have been registered in Munich for at least two months are eligible to sign.

Goals and Demands

The City of Munich currently does too little for the safety and promotion of bicycle travel.

The goals of the referendum are good for Munich’s development because we demand:

  1. Secure, wide, and convenient bike lanes
    In 2025, everyone in Munich gets around comfortably by bike.
  2. Munich-wide, continuous, and dense bike lane network
    In 2025, everyone in Munich gets quickly from A to B by bike.
  3. Safe, uncomplicated, and stress-free intersections and junctions
    In 2025, cycling is safe for everyone in Munich.
  4. Adequate and safe bike parking facilities all over town
    In 2025, cyclists in Munich can securely park their bikes.
  5. A fair, space-efficient and livable allocation of public space
    In 2025, there’s enough room for bikes in Munich.

Who we are

We’re an alliance of many Munich citizens. With the help of various organizations and political parties, we want to improve the situation of cyclists in our city significantly, quickly and sustainably. To achieve this goal, we want to start a referendum.

Journalism, Camera, and Editing students of the Bayerischen Akademie für Fernsehen und digitale Medien (Bavarian Academy for Television and Digital Media) created a video portrait of the Bicycle Referendum.


Film (in German)


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