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More and more people in Munich are using bicycles for their daily transportation. And yet, despite years of promises by the city to become Germany’s „Bicycle Capital“, our cycling infrastructure has only been slightly improved.

With the effect of the petition we began on March 28, 2019, the conditions for cycling in Munich should be massively improved: with the help of your signature, the bicycle will be given a fair share of our public space available for travel.

Legal Procedures for the Munich Bicycle Referendum and corresponding petitions

We need to collect around 33,000 Munich voter signatures in order to force a Referendum for citizens to vote on bicycle infrastructure. All adult Germans and other 18-year-old EU citizens can sign. (Details here: https://www.radentscheidmuenchen.de/background/faq-questions-and-answers/?lang=en#toggle-id-1)

If sufficient signatures are collected, a referendum will be held, unless the city council decides to simply implement the petition’s demands. For a valid referendum, ten percent of the voters must participate in the vote. That’s about 100,000 people in Munich.

If there is a majority in favor of the Munich Bicycle Referendum, the demands must be implemented by the city.

How does a petition cause a referendum?

  • December 2018

    Kickoff and Commitment of the Alliance Partners

  • 28. March 2019

    Start of collecting signatures for the referendum petition

    28. March 2019

  • 30. June 2019

  • July 2019

    Turning in the signatures

    July 2019

  • August 2019

    The City Council studies the proposition

    Official commitment to our goals by the City Council or through a vote by the citizens

  • Autumn 2019

    All citizens may vote in the referendum

    Ca. 100,000 yes-votes are required

    Autumn 2019

  • March 2020

    Local elections in Munich

The Munich Bicycle Referendum demands the following from our capital city

  • Bike paths

    Safe, wide, and convenient cycling paths so everyone in Munich can get around comfortably by bike.

  • Priority Network for Bicycles

    A city-wide, continuous, and dense cycle path network, so that anyone can use a bicycle to get from A to B quickly.

  • Intersections

    Safe, uncomplicated, and stress-free intersections and junctions, so that everyone in Munich can reach their destinations safely.

  • Parking facilities

    Safe, well-distributed bicycle parking available where it’s needed most, so that everyone knows they can quickly park a bike and it will still be there when they come back.

  • Fair sharing of public space

    An area-efficient and socially equitable distribution of public space — so that the bicycle in Munich has its fair share.


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