Here we go!
You want a Munich-wide, seamless, and close-knit bike lane network?
You want secure, wide, and comfortable bike lanes?
You want secure, comfortable, and hassle-free crossings and junctions?
You want safe and adequate bike parking facilities all over town?
You want a fair, space-efficient and livable allocation of public space?

With the Munich Bike Referendum, we want to achieve all this in our city – but it’s only possible with your help:

  • Become a bike ambassador!

    Whatever talents you bring to the table: Whether you have IT skills, use your creativity to provide text and design, plan actions that keep Munich in suspense, or collect signatures to make the referendum is a success – let’s take our city in a more bike-friendly direction. Join us and sign up now.

  • Connect with others in our forum

    Hurray and welcome! You‘ve just signed up as a bike ambassador for Munich Bike Referendum and want to get active now? That’s great to hear. Now, our forum is the place to go. Here, you’ll find all our action groups:
    Media design, fundraising, mobilization, handicrafts, IT, event organization, signature collecting – there’s a broad range of actions, so just join the group that fits your talents best.
    Get inspired by our example projects, add your own ideas, and connect with other bike ambassadors!

  • Donate for the referendum

    Petitions allow us all to actively participate in political decision-making – but they don’t come for free. Please support the referendum with a donation and help to provide the financial means that we need to collect the required 33,000 signatures.

    Thank you very much – no matter how big or small your contribution.

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