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What is the Bicycle Referendum all about?

More and more people in Munich use bicycles as a means of transport. However, despite years of promises to turn Munich into a “bicycle capital”, the bicycle infrastructure has not been improved sufficiently.

We want to change that.

You want…

  • Safe, wide, and convenient cycling paths?
  • A city-wide, continuous, and dense cycling network?
  • Safe, uncomplicated, and stress-free intersections and junctions?
  • Safe, well-distributed bicycle parking available where it’s needed most?
  • An area-efficient and socially equitable distribution of public space?

Then join in and help!

Thank you!

We are very happy that so many highly motivated citizens and Alliance Partners have joined the Bicycle Referendum. To power through quickly to our goals, we are glad of every additional helper!

Astrid PernesBicycle Ambassador

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