Requests and content of the referendum

With the Munich Bike Referendum, the alliance requests the city of Munich to implement the following five goals:

  1. Secure, wide, and comfortable bike lanes
    In 2025, everyone in Munich gets around comfortably by bike.
  2. Munich-wide, seamless, and close-knit bike lane network
    In 2025, everyone in Munich gets quickly from A to B by bike.
  3. Secure, comfortable, and hassle-free crossings and junctions
    In 2025, cycling is safe for everyone in Munich.
  4. Adequate and safe bike parking facilities all over town
    In 2025, cyclists in Munich can securely park their bikes.
  5. A fair, space-efficient and livable allocation of public space
    In 2025, there’s enough room for bikes in Munich.

The exact wording of the questions asked in the referendum is currently under legal review and will be published after that.