Who we are

We’re an alliance of many Munich citizens. With the help of various organizations and political parties, we want to improve the situation of cyclists in our city clearly, quickly and sustainably. To achieve this goal, we want to start a referendum.

We’re already more than 500 “bike ambassadors” that spread our idea, get people excited about it, and later help collect the required number of signatures for the referendum.
Join us as a bike ambassador now! Radlbotschafter*in!

The alliance for the Munich Bike Referendum was initiated by the following six institutions and political parties:
ADFC München, Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN, Bund Naturschutz – Kreisgruppe München, DIE LINKE München, Green City e.V. und ÖDP München.

Spokespersons and contact:

Andreas Groh (ADFC München)

Gudrun Lux (Grüne München)

Andreas Schuster (Green City e.V.)

Sonja Haider (ÖDP München)


In addition, there are many  alliance partners supporting the referendum: About 20 other organizations and institutions have committed their support, e.g. student councils of the Munich universities, Kreisjugendring, Fuss e.V., and Klimaherbst.

We’re open to more partners that want to support our demands and ideas.

Want to join us with your organization? Get in touch!

Contact: benjamin.zilker@oedp-muenchen.de or info@radentscheid-muenchen.de